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Bokkom Biltong by Weskusmandjie

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Bokkoms are whole-dried Southern Mullet, an iconic fish commonly known up the West Coast as Harders. Bokkoms are a well-known delicacy along this stretch of the South African shoreline. They are made by salting Harders and drying them in the sun and wind. This Bokkom Biltong by the Weskusmandjie Collective of fisherwomen is made from de-boned fillets. It can be used in salads and side dishes, or melted in butter and spread liberally on toast for an incredible pop of salty, umami flavour.

Quick ’n Easy top tip: These bite-sized pieces offer a potent bundle of salty flavour. Chop ½ a piece or more finely and add to a Caesar dressings like you would anchovy or to boost a lamb stew. Or add fine shavings to a miso or chicken broth for the umami flavours.

RECIPE for Buttery Bokkom Biltong Toast

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