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Cold-smoked Yellowtail by Lalunga (100g)

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Lalunga wild-caught cold-smoked yellowtail is a lean, white meat fish with a firmer texture and light, delicate flavours. Their closest comparison to classic smoked salmon, yellowtail is ideal for fresh breakfast meals, light grain salads and pairs beautifully with creamed or cottage cheese. Each pack has been carefully hand-sliced, delicately assembled and is ready to serve for your convenience.

Lalunga Seafoods is a small seafood company based in Cape Town which specialises in high quality, small batch value-added products, sourced from local and sustainable stocks. ABALOBI and Lalunga are working together to support small-scale fishers’ livelihoods, and ensure catch is traceable. Lalunga pride themselves in placing true value in the marine resources they utilise and sharing this value with the fishers who rely on them. Their current range includes cold-smoked fish which come in beautiful 100g packs of thin hand-sliced pieces which are ready to serve, for your convenience. These are great wild, fully traceable alternatives to farmed, mass produced cold-smoked products and can be enjoyed with a clear, ocean-friendly conscience.

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Vacuum packed


Cold-smoked, hand-sliced and ready to serve.



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21 days


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