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Langebaan Rollmops by Martin Blake

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Made with love from Langebaan! These rollmops are produced by Martin Blake, a traditional fisherman from Langebaan. Martin produces a range of traditional coastal pantry products. His rollmops are made from Langebaan lagoon harders (Southern mullet), which are famous countrywide. Catching and eating harders is an integral part of Martin’s artisanal fishing culture and heritage.

Rollmops are a rolled up pickled fish fillet with a vinegary bite that work well with cream cheese or sour cream and grainy breads. They make for an effortless nibble with drinks, a perfect starter or tasty light lunch with salad. Also a beautiful addition to a seafood platter.

Serving tip: Enjoy them straight from the jar, served with drinks. A perfect appetiser or glow up your charcuterie and cheese platter with the addition of tasty seafood treats. Serve on top of cream cheese toast for a quick lunch.

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