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Sea-Lettuce Salt by Weskusmandjie

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Sea-lettuce is a nutrient-rich, edible green alga that is harvested intertidally by coastal fishing communities. Traditional fisherwomen of the Weskusmandjie Collective carefully collect, clean and sun-dry the sea-lettuce before adding it to coarse West Coast salt to create this unique product.

Top tip: Sea-Lettuce Salt is a wonderful addition to the pantry cupboard. Boost any dish with the delightful salty sea flavours by using it as a general seasoning. A great way to add flavour and a nutrient boost to salad dressings, broths and stews.

RECIPE for Sea Lettuce Salt Potatoes

Weskusmandjie is a collective of women from the small fishing hamlet of Steenberg’s Cove on the West Coast of South Africa. Our mission is to revive pride in our indigenous heritage by sharing coastal foods lovingly prepared using local ingredients that have been harvested responsibly by our families for generations.

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