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Dune Fig Jam by Blinkwaters

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From coastal waters to the pantry … Dune figs (or suurvygies) are a unique coastal fruit that grows on sand dunes along the Western Cape shoreline. The figs are harvested by traditional fisherwomen of the Blinkwaters Cooperative and used to create this decadent preserve using a recipe that has been passed down through generations.

Serving top tip: Enjoy this preserve spread liberally on toast or with ripe or baked brie or camembert cheese and crackers. Also delicious mixed with soy sauce and spread onto braai’ed yellowtail.

RECIPE for Camembert with Sour Fig Jam

“Blinkwaters Co-operative is based in the remote fishing hamlet of Buffeljagsbaai on the Cape’s southern coast. Our co-operative produces a range of distinctive coastal products inspired by the natural resources that we harvest from our abundant coastal surroundings using responsible practices. My family has always sustainably harvested suurvygies and I am continuing this tradition. After I have walked along the shore to pick the fruit, I bring my harvest home and make a delicious jam. You can use the suurvygie jam for any number of things. My favourite though is to mix it with double-cream yoghurt and to enjoy it as a dessert.”
 – Sarah Niemand, Blinkwaters Co-Operative, Buffeljagsbaai

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